Ohad Rubin


Checkpoint Building, room 261

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, Earth, Milky Way.

P.hD student. Researching Natural Language Processing at Tel Aviv University. I’m advised by the awesome Jonathan Berant. My current research subjects/interests include:

  • Long Term Reasoning
  • Large Language Models
  • Open Domain Question Answering

In more broad terms, I find anything related to strong artifical intelligence fascinating, and I’m very intrested by how we can harness the way humans think to come up with better methods for AI/NLP.


  1. QAMPARI: An Open-domain Question Answering Benchmark for Questions with Many Answers from Multiple Paragraphs
    Samuel Joseph Amouyal,  Ohad Rubin, Ori Yoran, Tomer Wolfson, Jonathan Herzig, and Jonathan Berant
    ArXiv 2022
  2. NAACL
    Learning To Retrieve Prompts for In-Context Learning
    Ohad Rubin, Jonathan Herzig, and Jonathan Berant
  3. NAACL
    SmBoP: Semi-autoregressive Bottom-up Semantic Parsing
    Ohad Rubin, and Jonathan Berant
    In NAACL 2021