March 2022

Research Hobbies

a.k.a “things I’m interested in, but not actively researching” include:

  • HyperNetworks
  • VQVAEs
  • Meta-learning optimizers
  • Sparse experts models (and sparse models in general)
  • Multi-Modal models
  • Computational humor
  • Hebrew NLP
  • Semantic Parsing

Other Hobbies

  • I really like Science Fiction media, I’m currently reading the Expanse series, and I take great interest in any space news, and anything related to SpaceX and the Starship program.
  • In my free time I sometimes play video games, right now I’m playing Elden Ring on the PS5, but I mainly like RPGs, and single player narrative experience, but I also enjoy the occasional First Person Shooter, I also have a VR headset and I can recommend Beat Saber to anyone, it’s great fun.